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Celestial Goldfish

July 2016



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Duck Hunt

June, I reject you!

How is it June already? Wasn't it Christmas, like, yesterday? And why is the temperature supposed to be 112 degrees today? That's egg-frying-on-car-hood kinda weather. Yeesh. Why is my son home all day--why does summer break exist? Then there's my email box. Why do I keep getting all these mean, negative emails from editors?

Oh yeah. I'm a writer.

I've noticed that rejections and acceptances tend to run in cycles. You can guess what cycle I'm in right now. It's hard. I often think of it as being a junkie in need of my next fix. I keep submitting, submitting, submitting as I hunger for that acceptance that makes it all worthwhile.

If you're also in the dregs of rejection, you may appreciate 25 Things Writers Should Know About Rejection from the brilliant Chuck Wendig. (NSFW because of profanity.) For me, #25 sums it up beautifully: Rejections Are Proof You've Been to the Thunderdome. Heck yeah. Pardon me while I queue up Tina Turner singing, "We Don't Need Another Hero."

If I had my druthers, I'd reject this hellish heat for the cool and breezy Morro Bay, but since I can't, I'll sit here in my air conditioned hidey hole and send out more submissions.

I need my fix.


Um, speaking of which, and not to make you drool with envy, but guess where I'm sitting at this moment? I was going to say, looking out my window at Morro rock, but I just looked out and Morro Bay is fogged in. It's hot in the Valley today, too, which means fog here. We just now got some sun in Cayucos (2 pm). But foggy is ok, especially since it's not Valley fog and since I know it's stinking HOT at home!
Oh, you're killing me. My only comfort is that I'm hoping to do a day trip to Cayucos next month during a family visit. Critter hasn't been to the beach yet, so it will be a momentous occasion. And I WILL get clam chowder in a bread bowl. Oh yes, I will.
I will wish you a non-windy day, then! When the grandkiddies came to visit the wind was way too cold. But they had fun at the playground instead.