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Celestial Goldfish

April 2017



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I'm not so-and-so

For the record, I would like to state that I hate chapter 10.

I've read some wonderful chapters on OWW of late where the chemistry sings. So confronting my own chapter with romantic-goings on? All I can think is, "So-and-so did this better... I bet so-and-so could make the tension crackle and..."

Thing is, I'm not so-and-so. I'm me. Five foot six inches of all too frequent blonde ditziness. Logically, I know this is a first draft, but some part of me doesn't believe that. I've been over this story too many times before in a different incarnation, and by this time it should be a complete draft, it should be ready to query to agents, it should be shining as a result of several full critiques...

Why yes, I am a perfectionist.

Chapter 10 reminds me of how imperfect my writing is. It chafes like a bad Christmas sweater. The good news? I finished the chapter today after three days of muttering and pacing and procrastination. And, following my motto of "Don't completely suck," I don't think the chapter is beyond redemption. Yes, it's rough. Yes, it's a quiet chapter after several chapters in a row with some pretty intense action and revelations.

But I'll fix it and make it work. Or find out my fears are groundless and my perspective needs the fixing. Or, more likely, it's a mix of the two.

Jennifer Hubbard's blog really hit home for me today when she said, "Everything is a draft, everything's a rehearsal, until we decide it's ready to unleash upon the world."

I need to accept that my rehearsal is taking longer than I'd like. And yes, maybe so-and-so's work will get there before mine--and deservedly so.

But I'll get there eventually, even if I'm silver-haired and in my flying car.


You're still way ahead of this so-and-so. :)
I have a hunch that when you get going, you'll make huge strides quite quickly. Your personal wellness needs to be the priority for now, though.
That was very inspiring and very true.
You're welcome! Your post deserved the extra attention.

I'm quite sure that Jon Gibbs is a nexus connecting all writers across the universe.