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Celestial Goldfish

April 2017



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Celestial Goldfish

Music and Muse #1: Guest author Clare Revell

Woodland Press's new anthology Stories from the Hearth: Heartwarming Tales of Appalachia features my story, "Drumbeats." My story draws on the Cherokee mythology of the Little People, who love music and offer aid to the lost.

Music can offer inspiration and aid to lost writers, too. Therefore, I invited several authors to guest blog on the subject of music and writing. The first of these posts is from romance author Clare Revell.


…but while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance, let’s face the music and …write…

I was lying in bed last night at 3am, wide awake, and this post wrote itself beautifully. But sitting here now, can I remember a word of it? Uh…no. Really, I should have got up then and written, but I’d only just got into bed and my eyes were burning.

To some people music and writing are mutually exclusive and go hand in glove like bread and butter. But as far as I’m concerned, sometimes they go together and sometimes they don’t. It honestly depends on what I’m writing and what time of day or year it is. And on the music. You see, if I’m listening to something with lyrics then my characters tend to burst into song and I’m sat typing out the lyrics I’m singing. That’s not very helpful in the middle of an autopsy scene – even if it is Jar of Hearts.

What I call ‘mood music’ however, can help me with writing a particular scene. Take the middle of summer. Its eighty degrees plus outside, the sun is shining, make that blazing down from a cloudless blue sky, the doors and windows are open, kids playing and birds singing and lawn mowers going and despite wearing shorts and a sleeveless top I’m baking… But I’m mid Christmas novel. It’s cold in the place I’ve put my characters. Snow is falling, the wind is blowing that snow into a blizzard and my characters are huddled inside decorating a tree. Or fighting to get to a carol service or just plain fighting the elements to get out the door. Or fighting for their lives (as they quite often do in my novels)…think avalanche.

In that case on go the Christmas Carols. The miniature tree sits on my desk…. You get the point. Or the soundtrack to Alive. The music convinces my overheated brain that it’s really winter and minus something outside. And you don’t wanna know how long it took me to write that paragraph because I’m playing Cliff Richard and singing along to it!

For my fireman novel – currently being written – I play the Backdraft soundtrack a lot. A wedding scene and I play either the music from my own wedding or Pachelbel’s canon. Dramatic scenes call for music like Adagio – better known as the Onedin Line theme. Or Beethoven’s 7th.

Some scenes don’t need music at all. They are so full of emotion that I need silence to write (and a huge box of tissues). Or I can’t concentrate with music on. However music and editing – now that does go. I can’t edit in silence. But it has to be instrumental, but anything goes whether it’s topical or seasonal.

And of course playing music at 1am would be frowned upon by everyone else in my house. Cept me. I’ve tried the headphone approach, but that is just a guaranteed way to be interrupted. Mind you so’s opening word at times. But that’s another story.

Clare Revell lives in Berkshire in the UK with her husband and three kids. Or is that four kids? She likes reading, writing, watching crime shows on the TV and eating chocolate. Sometimes all at the same time. Her five-a-day consist of five pieces of chocolate. She can be found at http://www.revell124.plus.com/clarerevell and her books can be found on http://pelicanbookgroup.com or amazon where she has her own author page.


Thanks for your post, Clare! I haven't seen the movie Backdraft in years, but I do recall it had some good music. I should check that out again for my own purposes.

I also have been known to play Christmas music all year long. Favorites are never out of season.
Thank you for having me here :)