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Celestial Goldfish

April 2017



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How It Feels to Sell Your Book

A Story Told in Gifs

When you get the call from your agent, your mind just kinda goes

Then you realize, hey, I've gotten approximately a gazillion rejections, I've earned this

Months and months pass and you finally get to announce the book deal to the world. You're smooth. You got this.

However, you're keenly aware that the editorial letter is going to hit very soon

That'll keep you humble.


Congrats once more!

One question to you - why did it take so long between getting the publisher's offer and being able to announce the deal? Surely the horse-trading wouldn't be that slow? Or is there something I'm missing here?

Anyway, am delighted for you.
The horse trading is indeed that slow. Going into it, I was told it could be 3-9 months; it ended up being five. Things go through committees and legal departments and then to my agent and back to the publisher, and so on.

Meanwhile, I got to stare at my email and do my utmost not to explode.
Christ on a big bicycle. That's a long time. I wonder if if might be slightly faster over here judging from some of the short intervals between submissions and signup (actually between a particular event and signup, but due to privacy reasons I won't say here what the event is.)

not asking this question entirely theoretically, btw. Got an oft-postponed decision day coming up...
I hope it goes faster on your side. It was torture to wait that long, in part because it just doesn't feel REAL.

I've also known people who have had everything happen within a week: acceptance, contract, and editorial letter. It all depends on the editor and publishing house. and plain and simple luck.

I wish you all the best with your decision!
Thanks. Agent said, "if they were going to say no they'd have said it by now", so keeping fingers crossed.
How exciting! Fingers here crossed for you, too.

(I'm waiting for the edit letter on Book 2. It doesn't get easier.)
It doesn't? Dang it.

Good thing I stockpile chocolate.
I notice a lot of cats...
Funny, that. Maybe there's a ninja cat hidden in the bowling gif...
It's comforting that so many writers go through the same whiplash of emotions from the whole experience.