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Celestial Goldfish

April 2017



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Dreaming of short-lived success

I dreamed that I sent out queries for Normal and a male agent responded right away to sign me, and in turn sold the rights quickly. I walked through a massive vault filled to the high ceiling with ARCS of all genres. I searched the shelf for the alphabetical placement of my last name - ah! I found the Cs! It should be right about -

The building shuddered, and a hundred books splatted to the floor like paper meteorites. I ran out of the vault and outside, where I found a full alien attack in progress.

Yeah, that's my luck.

Today I did the second rewrite of chapter 10, and this time it passed inspection. I'll proceed to chapter 11 tomorrow.
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So if you ever get a novel published, the world will immediately end in fire? XD

Mike says that would make a perfect Twilight Zone episode, btw. The whole set up of working so hard to get published, writing book after book, then finally selling one only to have the aliens attack. Especially if the book in question was about aliens attacking. XD

Okay, I know it probably wasn't funny to you, but I love how your brain works sometimes. An alien attack. Of course!
My brain completely baffles me. I mean, come on. My dreaming subconscious is even more pessimistic than I am in my waking hours. That's kinda scary.

And yes, it does sound very Twilight Zone-ish. XD
At least nothing earthly is keeping you from success! ;)
Ha! Good point.
I hope the first half of your dream comes true :)
Thank you. At the very least, the end of the world could wait until AFTER the book is formally published.