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Catch A Star As It Falls

a writer's blog

Hi, I'm Beth Cato. I like to blow stuff up (in fiction), bake Snickerdoodles (and give them to other people so I don't swell like a blimp), and I like parenthesis (sometimes). I also write poetry and have stories published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The full bibliography is on my website.

I'm also a wife and a mother. My son is autistic with an uncanny knack for numbers, and he's discussed on here every so often. He loves books and reads constantly, so I've done something right.

This journal is about my quest for publication and my own identity as a writer. It's an honest take on the struggle, but I hope in the end it's an inspirational one. My writing journal is public. Feel free to add me; you don't have to ask.

My debut novel The Clockwork Dagger will be released by HarperCollins Voyager in late 2014! It's a steampunk adventure featuring airships, espionage, and a world tree that most definitely plays favorites.